Why Airbnb is Perfect For Backpackers

Airbnb is one of the fastest-growing travel companies in the world. 

Many backpackers are starting to opt for Airbnbs over hostels. Particularly backpackers who are travelling in small groups.

Despite Airbnb only being founded in 2008, it has found its feet very quickly in the tourism industry.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot more attention and a lot of hype towards using Airbnb over any other form of accommodation. 

All the praise Airbnb is getting isn’t for nothing.

Disclaimer – This post contains referral/affiliate links. If you sign up to Airbnb using any of these links you will not be charged extra… in fact, quite the opposite. You will get £34 in free Airbnb credit to use on your first booking (available in all currencies). I will also receive a small amount of credit for referring you.

A backpackers guide to Airbnb

Airbnb backpackers travel guide
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What is Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out there property. Whether it be an entire apartment, a private room in a flat, a villa or even a cabin in a treehouse. 

Providing the property gets approvable from Airbnb, it can be rented out by the owner. 

You’ll even find hotels and hostels have now started to use Airbnb to sell rooms or beds in dorms!

Airbnb has more to it than just lodging. They also offer tourism experiences in that area that you search for. 

You’d be surprised how many lodging options and travel activities they offer if you’ve never used Airbnb before. 

Airbnb also offers a very useful feature for long term travellers called “monthly stays”. 

It’s exactly how it sounds, you can simply enter your destination and your arrival date and they will find hosts who are willing to let you stay for a minimum of 4 weeks.

You may receive a discounted price for longer stays!

The majority of people who list their property on Airbnb are local people in the area, meaning you will also have the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

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why Airbnb is perfect for backpackers

One of the biggest misconceptions with Airbnb is that it’s expensive.

Therefore, making it not ideal for budget backpackers.

If you still think that, you’ll be glad to know it’s not.

Airbnb offers a large variety of accommodation options, particularly in comparison to other booking platforms. 

During my time in Morocco, I noticed the majority of hostels listed their property on Airbnb. 

On occasion, at a fraction of the price compared to rival booking sites. 

Airbnb has always been a popular option among backpackers travelling in small groups. Due to the accommodation types on offer, small groups can find large apartments or even villas on Airbnb and often splitting the cost is cheaper than individually paying for a bunk bed in a hostel dorm. 

Airbnb is becoming more popular with solo backpackers, like myself, due to the number of private room options that are being listed on the marketplace. 

The majority of hosts on Airbnb are fellow backpackers. You’ll often find Airbnb hosts are very welcoming and informative, some of them go the extra mile to make you feel welcome as they know exactly how it feels to be a backpacker in a new town.

Airbnb offers two unique search features to make sure you find the best accommodation possible.

‘Rare find’ and ‘Superhost’ are features I use when searching for properties on Airbnb. 

Superhost is a feature you can enable or disable in the search filters. Airbnbs definition of a Superhost – “Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests.”

Properties that are classed as a “rare find” are typically sold out months in advance, therefore, if you come across them in the property listings you’ve found a rare property.

Unfortunately, you can’t filter for “rare find” properties, however, they do have a rare find badge connected to the property that will show on the results page.

Airbnb Experiences

One feature that Airbnb offers and is often overlooked is ‘Airbnb experiences’.

Similar to the property listing search function, you can simply enter your destination and the date you will be in the area and Airbnb will show you a range of experiences and activities available.

Given the current situation in the world (this post was written in May 2020), Airbnb now offers many online experiences. Due to social distancing measures and restrictions to travel.

However, when travelling is resumed, this feature is very handy and offers competitive rates for some of the best tourist experiences in the area. 

You can filter your search results based on the language you speak, the time of day you wish to join a tour and the number of guests you want to book on. 

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