How to create & sell a travel ebook!

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how to create a travel ebook , how to sell a travel ebook
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An example of one of my travel ebooks – Europe Travel Guide

I presume you’ve found this blog post from one of two places: firstly, you’re undecided on if you want to buy one of my travel guides. Secondly, you want to know the process of creating, selling and purchasing an ebook. Cool. I got you covered.

I will start off by stating I’m not a professional or expert. I’m actually just a 23-year-old who walks around with his camera is some cool places taking photos and videos.

I then turn the photos and videos into blog content and YouTube content. I’ve also made a few travel guide eBooks that have had excellent feedback. So I thought I would share my thought process and creative process on how I design my eBooks.

I also know that due to being a ‘small creator’ you might be sceptical about purchasing one of my travel guides. I don’t blame you at all. I’d feel the same too. However, hopefully the video shown above can help with that.

The YouTube video above shows you the process from start to finish purchasing one of my travel guides.

It also then takes a look at the content you can expect to find in the travel guides when you purchase an ebook.

At the end of the day, I’m a small creator, I would gain nothing from producing low-quality travel guides as I would lose my audience.

If you want to check out my travel guides in video format for more clarification on what to expect when you purchase one of my travel guides. Check out these videos:




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Hey! I’m Aaron Jarvis. I’m a budget backpacker and online content creator. 

For the past 3 years, I have slowly been backpacking around the world and sharing my adventures on YouTube and more recently on my blog.

I’ve created a number of well-received travel guide videos on YouTube and have now converted them into popular PDF Travel Guides right here on my website!

If you’re considering purchasing a travel guide why not check out this video that takes a look at the contents in detail!

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