Interrail Travel Guide: YouTube Playlist

I think it’s safe to say the majority of my YouTube subscribers and viewers come from Interrail travel guide videos.

I’ve made 11 videos entirely dedicated to Interrail on my YouTube channel.

If you search “Interrail guide” into Google videos, 6 out of the first 10 that show up are mine. 

Luckily for you, I’ve gathered them all and put them in this blog post.

The videos will be in reverse chronological order, along with a short description of each video. 

If you want to read about Interrail then check out the blog post that I uploaded recently. 

It covers every single topic that you might have questions about.

Literally, every topic.

Interrail Travel Guide Videos

‘INTERRAIL GUIDE 2020 – Best Routes, Brexit & Tips’

The latest video in my Interrail series. 

I discuss some of the best routes and the most popular routes. 

Along with talk on the effect Brexit might have on Interrail for UK citizens. 

I also discuss what’s new to Interrail in 2020.

‘INTERRAIL GUIDE 2019 - How to travel EUROPE by train'

The most popular video in the series.

Very similar to the blog post, I discuss everything you might want to know about interrailing.

The fact this video is 24 minutes long is telling.

Are you planning an Interrail trip?

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‘WINTER INTERRAIL GUIDE! How To Travel Europe In Winter’

This video is as the title suggests, targetted for those who plan on travelling during winter.

Informative if you plan to do so, pointless if you don’t plan on travelling during winter.


This video provides a complete packing list for your Interrail trip.

I look at some of the differences between a regular trip and interrailing you might want to consider when packing.

You can also find numerous packing blog posts by clicking here.

‘INTERRAIL Q&A | How To Interrail! – Interrail Tips, Advice & Guide Video!’

This video is specifically made to answer some FAQ’S on Interrailing.

‘Interrail Train Tips! How To TRAVEL EUROPE By TRAIN!’

This video looks at some tips on using your interrail pass.

A lot of people messaged me asking how to activate your pass, how to find the platform you need to be on etc. This video takes a look at all those topics. 

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‘How To Plan Your INTERRAIL ROUTE | Interrail Guide!’


How to plan the route you want to take during your interrail trip. 

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This video focuses on how to make your money go further in Europe.

One huge misconception of travelling in Europe is that it’s expensive. It’s not. If you know what you’re doing. 


Again, another self-explanatory title. 

This one is a must-watch.

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‘HOW TO INTERRAIL | The Ultimate Interrail Guide | Part 2’

Ah, where it all started. 

Well, part one was where it all started. 

‘HOW TO INTERRAIL | The Ultimate Interrail Guide | Part 1’

Ah, where it really all started.

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