Marrakech, Morocco: A Perfect Weekend – Budget Travel Guide

Marrakech, the chaotic and vibrant city in Morocco is one of the most popular destinations for a few days of exploring. Whether it be 48 hours or 72 hours, this blog post will show you how to spend a weekend in Marrakech.

Whilst I’m a budget backpacker, I’m going to cater this blog post to all types of travellers looking to spend a weekend in Marrakech.

I’ve visited Marrakech numerous times during my time in Morocco in early 2020. Which means I have some travel tips to share with you guys!

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The Ultimate Weekend Guide To Marrakech, Morocco

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How to travel Marrakech, Morocco
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Where To Stay in marrakech


Where I stayed in Marrakech – Skyfall hostel.

Nearly all hotels and hostels in Morocco will be in the form of a riad. This one is no different.

A riad is essentially a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard or garden. 

Basically, a house with a garden in the middle of it.

The hostel offered basic dorm and private rooms.

The key feature of this hostel was the numerous lounge areas, with two rooftop areas along with a lounge area on each floor inside the building.

The location was quite far out from the medina (25-minute walk).

However, the surrounding area had a lot to offer. 

At just $5 per night, it was definitely value for money.

I have a few other recommendations for accommodations based on friends experiences…

Hostel 2 – Mosaic Hostel.

Hostel 3 –  Rodamon Riad.

I stayed at the Mosaic Hostel during my first 4 nights in Marrakech.

The only reason I moved hostel was that ‘Skyfall’ was closer to the airport and the train station. 

Mosaic Hostel is located in the heart of the medina, which I prefered. 

Once again, the rooms were basic, however, they did have lockers. Something that you won’t find very often in Morocco.

Rodamon Riad is also a hostel, although, looking at the photos and price you wouldn’t believe it. 

Costing approximately $20 per night for a bunk bed in a dorm, it is definitely on the pricey side. 

However, it is probably justified. This very much falls into the luxury hostel category.

It has a swimming pool in the reception area. 

That would probably be enough to convince most people.

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Airbnb’s are the way to go when you’re in Morocco. 

They’re absolutely stunning.

Airbnb 1 – Private room at La Ferme4.72 stars out of 5 with 36 reviews. Superhost. £46 per/night. 2 beds. Up to 3 guests. Excellent location.

Airbnb 2 – Riad Dar Yasaman4.83 stars out of 5 with 26 reviews. Rare find. Superhost. £99 per/night. 1 bed. Up to 2 guests. Excellent location.

Airbnb 3 – INCHIRA Riad privé unique piscine chauffée. 4.87 stars out of 5 with 53 reviews. Rare find. Superhost. £158 per/night. 5 beds. Up to 8 guests. Good location on the outskirts of Marrakech. This one is very much on the luxury side of things.


Hotel  – Riad Luxueux Avec Piscine/Hammam.

This is a private room in a luxury riad with a swimming pool in the interior courtyard.

Located a short walk away from the medina, this Riad sits in a perfect location for a few days of exploring Marrakech.

For just £52 per night on Airbnb for 2 people.

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Things To Do in marrakech

Key Highlights

Jama El f’na Market – Marrakech’s main square. It’s hectic. Street food, street performers, taxis, horses, monkeys, snakes, tourists and locals. Everything. Think of the last thing you’d expect to see in Morocco and you’ll probably find it in Jama El f’na Market. No trip to Marrakech is complete without exploring the main square. 

Koutoubia Mosque – Just over the road from Jama El f’na Market is a stunning Mosque, the Koutoubia Mosque. Whilst you cannot go in unless you are Muslim, it is still an incredible place to walk around and admire the architecture. 

Ben Youssef Mosque – Once again, another stunning Mosque. During my visit, it was undergoing refurbishment work, therefore, you couldn’t see any of the building. Once it reopens I believe you can see the outside, and of course, if you’re Muslim you are allowed inside the Mosque.

Medina/Souks – The medina in Marrakech is simply breathtaking. At first, it might be slightly overwhelming, and you’ll more than likely get lost quite a few times. However, no two alleyways are the same. I love the hustle and bustle of the medina. It also has some amazing rooftop cafes. 

Gardens – There are a lot of Gardens in Marrakech. They’re not really my thing, I don’t understand the fascination with them. However, they do seem to be highly popular in Marrakech. So if you fancy paying 70dh ($7) to walk around a garden. Go for it.

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Food & Drink


  • Most hostels and hotels will offer free breakfast in Marrakech. It seems to be a tradition throughout Morocco. Bread, Omelette, mint tea. It’s basic but it does the job. 
  • Cafe Des Epices was my go-to option for a morning coffee and they also serve breakfast if you feel like eating out. Whilst I personally didn’t try it, some of the food did look nice. I’d advise you get there before 10.30 am for a rooftop seat.
  • Pro tip – Moroccan’s don’t seem to be early risers, a lot of businesses don’t open until 12 midday.


  • Cafe Kif Kif was my favourite place to eat in Marrakech, however, it gets very busy after 2 pm so try and arrive before then. 
  • Chez Yassine came highly recommended from a friend and after visiting on my final day in Marrakech I would also recommend it to anyone visiting Marrakech.
  • Another pro tip – Give yourself plenty of time to eat in Morocco, the service is slow, I mean very slow. I’d estimate my average waiting time during my three-week trip was 60-75 minutes after ordering. 


  • Cafe Kif Kif once again. Aim to get there between 6-7 pm before it gets too busy.
  • Sepia Pizza Karifi was also amazing. This place is less of a restaurant and more of a local place. Cheap food and small plastic furniture. Perfect.
  • Pizza Abdou is my secret gem of Marrakech. It’s a very small pizza stand on the outskirts of the Medina (near Mosaic Hostel). You can get a whole pizza for 10dh ($1). Incredible.

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Travel Tips for marrakech, morocco


$1 = 10.18dh (MAD)

Black coffee – 10dh

Moroccan mint tea – 15dh

Orange juice – 8dh

1.5l bottle of water – 6dh

Pizza at Pizza Abdou – 10dh

Burger and chips at Sepia Pizza Karifi – 30dh

Average hostel price per night – 65dh

Unofficial taxi price from the airport – 150-200dh

The official taxi price from the airport (good luck getting this price) – 50dh

Prearranged airport transfer – 100dh

Taxi from the Medina to the train station – 30dh

Tourist attractions average entry fee – 70dh / 40dh (reduced rates)


Morocco has unfortunately developed a slight reputation as not being safe.

I personally find that baffling. I found the country to be incredibly safe. 

That is my personal experience though and you may have a different experience.

I found the locals to be very welcoming and helpful.

I did witness quite a few pickpocketing incidents, however, they were dealt with very quickly by embarrassed locals. Which was refreshing to see.

However, please remain aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home.

Check your government’s official website for the most accurate information on safety in Morocco.

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