Nordace Siena Backpack Review

Disclaimer – Nordace was kind enough to send me a ‘Nordace Siena Backpack’ and a Nordace packing cube in exchange for a fair, unbiased and honest review.

If you’d prefer to check this review out in visual format, I have you covered. Check out my Nordace Siena Backpack YouTube Video.

Why a backpack review?

Good question.

For those of you who have been following my YouTube travel videos, you’ll know I have been using my Osprey daypack for 3 years now.

It’s not in the best condition.

It is also no longer big enough to fit my tech gear in.

That’s all I really use a daypack for.

Therefore, when Nordace reached out to me about collaborating, it was a no brainer.

Hopefully, the Nordace Siena Backpack will be the answer to my travel daypack needs.

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Nordace Siena Backpack

So, the backpack itself. 

Nordace Siena Backpack Review
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I’m not going to go into any technical specs.

It’s boring for me and it’s boring for you. 

I don’t particularly care about the dimensions, the material or anything else that falls into the ‘technical specs’ category. 

If you want to read about them you can do so on the Nordace website.

While you’re there, use the code “Aaron10” for 10% off all products.

Instead, I’m going to review it as a traveller. Is it any good for travel? How practical is it?


Laptop Compartment

This might just be the most important feature for what I use it for. 

When travelling, I continue to create content. Whether that be videos, photos or blog posts. My laptop is key to all that. 

The fact this backpack has a designated laptop compartment is perfect. It is also positioned really well as it sits against my back. 

Meaning, if anyone tried to steal it, I’d feel it move. Also, it would be pretty obvious if someone stole your laptop anyway.

However, every little detail helps I suppose. 


Speaking of people stealing things. This backpack has some useful security features.

Firstly, the zippers have enough room to fit a small TSA padlock through them (it is close, but they do just about fit).

If the zippers were any narrower then the padlocks wouldn’t fit. 

This section would be very different if that was the case.

Another unique security feature is the hidden compartment. 

Again, this is position on the back of the backpack. Meaning nobody can get to it anyway, however, even when the bag isn’t on your back, I doubt anyone would be able to find it anyway.

The compartment is located behind the luggage strap near the bottom of the backpack.

Perfect for putting your passport, money and any other valuables.

Are you planning on purchasing a backpack?

Drop a comment at the bottom of this post, I’d love to hear which backpack you’re considering!

Main compartment

When Nordace reached out to me, there was one key feature that took my interest.

The main compartment. 

Why did it interest me so much? – If you check out this video on the Nordace YouTube channel, you’ll see the number of items they claim to fit into the backpack. 

It doesn’t look real.

I thought it was a camera trick.

I was intrigued to test it out myself.

The only technical specification I will share is that this backpack is a 19L pack. That should give you some context for this section.

Unlike the video on YouTube, I would never pack that many clothes. Not even in my main backpack for a 3-month trip. 

As I’ve previously stated, I will be using this backpack as a daypack, mainly to carry tech gear and potentially on shorter/weekend trips.

Realistically, I would only need one packing cube full of clothes, a toiletries bag and then the rest would be tech gear.

So that’s exactly how I tested it.

I was able to fit in one full medium-sized Gonex packing cube, one Nordace packing cube (more on that in a moment), a notepad and the rest of my tech gear including cables, external hard drive, camera and microphone.

Even after all that, I still had some room at the top. 

Another thing to take into consideration, in the Nordace video, the girl packing is taking her time and looks very relaxed.

When I pack, it’s rushed, it’s stressed and usually unorganised. If I packed like her I could probably have fit more things in. 

Front/Side Compartments

This was a feature that actually took me by surprise. 

I knew there was a front/side compartment. However, I noticed there was a zip on both sides.

My initial thoughts were ‘that’s a poor design’. This is where I was surprised.

They’re separate compartments.

One is in front of the other. 


Not only does that give you even more space to pack your gear. It also tricks pickpocketers into thinking they can get into your bag from either side. Nope, unlucky mate.


One of the most important features when it comes to backpack practicality is how comfortable it is.

At the end of the day, if it isn’t comfortable then all the features above are pointless. I won’t wear it.

Thankfully, this backpack is surprisingly comfortable.

In my previous experiences, I found that only hiking/mountain backpacks were comfortable. This is normally due to there attention to detail in the design process of weight distribution between your shoulders and waist. Combining that with the superbly padded shoulder straps.

Whilst there is no need for weight distribution with this backpack as it is a daypack, the shoulder straps do an excellent job. 

The adjustable strap offers a lot of versatility in the way you can wear the bag.

I personally like to wear my backpack as close to my body as possible. 

In backpack adjustable strap terms, the strap needs to be as long as possible. 

Providing the weight of the backpack is acceptable and not too heavy, you won’t find any problems when it comes to comfort. 

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Nordace Packing Cubes

Nordace, to my surprise, was kind enough to also send me one of there packing cubes. 

The unique feature to these packing cubes that my other ones from Gonex don’t offer are they are compression packing cubes. 

What’s so good about compression packing cubes? – essentially, you can fit more stuff in.

The cubes themselves have the normal zip to access the cube. However, they also have another zip directly underneath that expands the packing cube when it’s starting to get full. 

If you don’t need extra space then you can simply flatten it and zip it away.

My opinion

If you can’t tell by now, I really like the backpack.

Whilst I won’t be using at as a replacement for my main Osprey backpack, only because it is not big enough to replace a 40l backpack. 

I will be using it as a replacement for my current daypack. 

Whilst I can not currently comment on the durability of the backpack as I’ve not had it long enough or tested it extensively enough so far.

I will post a monthly update on it right here.

You can also follow my travel vlogs on YouTube and see how long I wear it for. You can then make a judgement on the durability of it from that.

Discount code

If you want to check out any of the products Nordace has to offer then head over to there website.

You can use the code “Aaron10” for a 10% discount and to support my channel and blog 🙂 

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