Seville, Spain: A Perfect Weekend – Budget Travel Guide

Seville, Spain is often overlooked by travellers due to more popular cities of Madrid and Barcelona. However, Seville is one of the best destinations for a weekend trip. Whether it be 48 hours or 72 hours, this blog post will show you how to spend a weekend in Seville.

Seville is a city located in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. A perfect destination for any type of traveller. 

Whilst I’m a budget backpacker, I’m going to cater this blog post to all types of travellers looking to spend a weekend in Seville.

I had the pleasure of spending five days in the ‘warmest city in Europe’ in 2019. Which means I have some travel tips to share with you guys!

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Seville, Spain – Weekend Travel Guide

Seville Spain Weekend budget travel guide
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Where to stay


Where I stayed in Seville – For You Hostel Seville.

If you’ve read my guide to the best European hostels post, you’ll know I love this hostel.

From the moment I walked in, it felt unique to any other hostel I’ve stayed in around the world.

The hostel has the largest beds I’ve ever seen in hostels, two lockers per person… with plug sockets inside the lockers. Whoever thought of that is a genius.

The hostel also has a kitchen, a cafe, two downstairs sitting areas, an outside terrace and a rooftop sitting area. Perfect.

Read more about ‘For You Hostel Seville’ by clicking here

I have a few other recommendations for accommodations based on friends experiences…

Hostel 2 – Oasis Backpackers’ Palace Seville.

Hostel 3 –  Black Swan Hostel Sevilla.

If you fancy a few days of partying in Seville, Oasis Backpackers’ is the one for you. It even has a rooftop swimming pool.

If you fancy a quieter alternative, Black Swan Hostel Sevilla might be worth considering.

All three Seville hostels mentioned are similarly priced with excellent central locations. 

Are you planning a trip to Seville?

Drop a comment at the bottom of this post, I’d love to hear your travel plans!


Airbnb 1 – Apartment with amazing views to “Las Setas”. 4.93 stars out of 5 with 115 reviews. Rare find. Superhost. £52 per/night. 2 beds. Up to 4 guests. Describing this as being in an excellent location would be an understatement. Check it out.

Airbnb 2 – Five Hundred Year Old Santa Cruz Rooftop Studio. 4.97 stars out of 5 with 354 reviews. Airbnb plus. Superhost. £52 per/night. 1 bed. Up to 2 guests. Excellent location.

Airbnb 3 – Apartamento San Juan de la Palma. 4.89 stars out of 5 with 114 reviews. Superhost. £57 per/night. 3 beds. Up to 4 guests. Excellent location.



This accommodation is in fact another Airbnb rather than a hotel. The main reason being all four Airbnbs I’ve listed offer unique features. Check them all out by clicking the links. 

Airbnbs are definitely the way to go in Seville.

Use Airbnb for the best accommodation options in Seville!


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Things to do

Key highlights

Las Setas De Sevilla – Las Setas translates to mushrooms. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you go and see a load of mushrooms. Just two of them. Las Setas is the worlds largest wooden structure built in the old quarter of Seville. Measuring at 85ft high, stands two large mushroom-shaped structures, allowing for perfect sunset views over the beautiful city of Seville. You can catch the sunset from the best view in the city for just €3.

Royal Alcázars of Seville – The Royal Alcazars of Seville is a Royal Palace and has been registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This place is busy, really busy. I’d advise you to book online or be prepared for a long wait in the queue. I took an unguided tour, which was a mistake as I didn’t know the history of this place until reading about it later in the day. However, even without a guide, the gardens this place has makes it work visiting. 

Plaza de España – The Plaza de Espana is quite remarkable. Whilst the majority of the buildings are used for government purposes, the surrounding grounds make it worth visiting.

Catedral de Sevilla – Another landmark recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Unfortunately, during my time in Seville, the Catedral was closed. However, I can provide a great recommendation for food and a view of the Catedral at ‘Slice of NY pizza’. 

Food & Drink


  • You’ll more than likely get free breakfast included in your accommodation. However, my recommendation for an excellent cafe with cheap prices and central location is ‘Filo’. This place does get busy so try and arrive as early as possible.
  • ‘Supermercados mas’ are supermarkets located on every street corner in Seville. They also have a bakery in the store which is a great option for a very cheap breakfast. 


  • If you’re in the mood for some super-healthy food then head to COCOME. Healthy sandwiches, healthy wraps, healthy salads, healthy food bowls, healthy everything.
  • Personally, I like to eat lunch on the go to maximise my time to explore during the day. Therefore, I always opted for my closest supermercados mas. 
  • Salsitas is another great option for fast food for lunch. 


  • Slice of NY pizza. Every single time. 
  • I genuinely ate at Slice of NY pizza every night, apart from one night that I experienced some traditional Spanish cuisine at… McDonald’s. I do have a recommendation from a friend who claims ‘ Al Wadi’ is another great cheap eats option in Seville.

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Travel tips


Seville bus single ticket – €1.40

Seville bus one-day pass – €5

Seville bus three-day pass – €10

Seville tram single ticket – €1.20

Seville tram passes – bus pass (as above) can be used on the trams.

Las Setas De Sevilla – €3

Royal Alcázars of Seville – €12.50 or discounted €4.

A large slice of Pizza (slice of NY pizza) – €2-3.50

1.5L bottle of water – €0.50

Coffee (at a cafe) – €1.50

Pint of beer – €2.20

Meal at a cheap restaurant – €7-13

Pro tip – You’ll find ‘supermercados mas’ on every street corner. Buy all your food and drinks from there if your accommodation has cooking facilities. 


Seville is an incredibly safe city. 

However, like anywhere in the world, remain aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

Pickpocketing is quite common in Europe. Therefore, ensure all your valuables are kept safe when in public.

Violent crime is very rare in the Andalusian capital, particularly during day time. 

The most threatening thing you will encounter in Seville is sunburn. It was named Europe’s warmest city for a reason.

Check your government’s official website for more details and if you have any concerns before travelling. 

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