Taghazout (the hidden gem of Morocco)

I’d imagine a lot of you haven’t even heard of Taghazout, Morocco… that’s unless you’ve read my other blog post on Taghazout or watched my YouTube Travel Vlogs from there 😉 More on them later.

Taghazout is a very small coastal town in Morocco, often overlooked by the larger and more popular cities of Agadir and Essaouira. 

Taghazout happens to be only 30 minutes drive further north from Agadir and approximately 2 and a half hours drive south from Essaouira. 

It is a perfect spot for surfers, backpackers, families and digital nomads. Due to its wide range of budget-friendly accommodation (with some luxury options available too for families and any flashpackers reading this), dozens of local cafes and restaurants and numerous beaches all within walking distance. 

Taghazout travel guide – the hidden gem of morocco

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Getting to Taghazout

Good news. I have already posted an entire blog post dedicated to ‘getting to Taghazout’. Click here to check it out (don’t worry it will open in a separate tab).

Bad news. Getting to Taghazout required either a tiny bit of planning, a bit of walking or a huge taxi fee. Whichever category you end up falling into, it is very much worth it (maybe not the taxi category, unless you have money to burn).

‘The mystery of travelling to Taghazout, Morocco!’

Are you planning a trip to morocco?

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Where to stay

Use Airbnb for the best accommodation options in Taghazout!


As I visited Taghazout on two separate occasions during my time in Morocco, I stayed in two separate hotels. My favourite was ‘Taghazout Surf Planet’ – https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/10614040? 

As I’m a backpacker, I’d always usually opt for hostels. However, in Taghazout, there are private room options available for £5-7 per night. So it was a no brainer to opt for a private hotel room.

The one linked above is very basic, in terms of the room. 

You have a bed, a light, a plug socket and a small table. 

For £5 per night (between 2 people), what more do you expect?

There is a shared bathroom, shared kitchen area and a rather interesting entrance to the building. 

You literally walk through someone’s living room.  

On the rooftop, there is quite a stunning view, along with numerous lounge areas, table football, a pool table and board games. 

The best part about all accommodation options in Taghazout are they’re all similarly priced with similar facilities. 

Also, they’re all perfectly located.

Mainly because the town is so small. 

2-minute walk to the shops and cafes.

5-minute walk to the beach.


Taghazout the hidden gem of Morocco
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What to do


If you’re into surfing, then you’re in luck, pretty much every hotel or hostel is called “surf something”. 

Personally, I don’t surf, so I’m not going to make myself look stupid and talk about it. However, if you want to get surf lessons then you can easily do so.


If you’re into chilling out at the beach, then you’re also in luck. There are numerous beaches all within walking distance of each other. Usually separated by a few rocks and cafes. 

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining of upset stomachs after swimming in the water, thankfully, I didn’t have any such problems.

Food & Drink

If you’re a foodie, guess what, you’re also in luck. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants all on the same main road. 

Given the fact Taghazout is in a quieter location, I presumed the prices would be higher. Less competition, more demand, sort of thing.

I was pleasantly surprised to realise it was actually the cheapest place I visited in Morocco. In terms of food and drink anyway.

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My thoughts on taghazout

As previously mentioned, Taghazout is by far my favourite place in Morocco. The vibe was completely different from the rest of the country. 

I could have spent a lot more time there if I had more time in the country.

For anyone who is undecided on if you should visit, I highly advise you fit it into your plans. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Essaouira or Taghazout author photo
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