Todra Gorge – The perfect day trip in Morocco

I bet when you think of Morocco, mountains don’t even cross your mind.

That’s unless you’ve been to Marrakech. Then you’ll already know its surrounded by mountains.

However, for most travellers, Morocco and mountains don’t tend to come up in the same sentence.

That was certainly the case for me when planning my trip to Morocco. 

I soon found out about the Atlas Mountains. One place particularly captured my attention. Todra Gorge.

Never heard of it? – Don’t worry. You’ll know all about it at the end of this post.

Don’t like reading words? – No problem, I got you.

Check out my YouTube video this blog post is based on – HIKING A MOUNTAIN IN MOROCCO (todra gorge travel vlog)

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Torda Gorge Morocco
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What is Todra Gorge?

‘A picture paints a thousand words’. Great quote. Perfect for this scenario. 

I wouldn’t even know where to begin when describing what Todra Gorge is. So instead I’ve shared some photos below from my trip there. 

Basically, it’s a breathtaking Gorge located in the mountains in Morocco. I’ve seen comparisons to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. Whilst I don’t think its quite there, it’s a nice alternative. A bit like the bridge in Lisbon that mirrors the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

How to get there

How can I get to the gorge? – Good question. Like anything that heavily depends on where you are. If you’re in New Zealand then you have quite the 19,000km trek to get there. Take plenty of water. 

I’d presume most of you are a lot closer than New Zealand or are planning on being closer. Marrakech is a good starting point. 

It is possible to go directly from Marrakech on a day trip. Your wallet won’t thank you after it though.

If you’re opting for an organised tour to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech then I have good news. You’ll more than likely visit Todra Gorge. I also have some bad news. You’ll probably only have 5-10 minutes to appreciate it’s beauty.

If you’re like me and travelling Morocco independently, without any overpriced tours. Then I have some tips for getting to Todra Gorge.

Todra Gorge is located just 15km outside of Tinghir. I recommend you spend the night in Tinghir. I personally spent 2 nights as we arrived late on the first day and then hiked all day during the second day.

Thankfully, Tinghir is a stop off on the way to the Merzouga desert. Meaning every bus company will usually pick up and drop off in the town centre. 

I hopped on a bus around midday from Ouarzazate to Tinghir with Supratours. The cost was 50dh (£3.98). Sidenote – it costs an extra 5dh per person to have any bags go in the hold. 

This bus runs directly from Marrakech and continues straight through to Merzouga. 

CTM (the other main tourist bus company in Morocco) also run regular buses to Tinghir.

If you’re planning on hiring a car and driving in Morocco then you’ve probably already realised by now that there is one road from Marrakech to the desert. So you can’t go far wrong.

Are you planning a trip to morocco?

Drop a comment at the bottom of this post, I’d love to hear your travel plans!

Where to stay

Use Airbnb for the best accommodation options in Tinghir!


As I’m the only person I know who has been to Tinghir, I will only be providing one recommendation on where to stay. 

Thankfully, it was a great place to stay.

Retour Au Calme – (get £34/$40 free Airbnb credit)

This accommodation is located 5 minutes walk outside of Tinghir centre. I stayed in a 7-bed dorm for 58dh per night (breakfast included). Private rooms were also available.

The facilities at the hotel were amazing. They had numerous huge outside lounge areas, table tennis and an indoor lounge area for when it gets cold. Trust me, it gets cold during the night in the desert.

Keep your eyes out for the family dog who may occasionally pay a visit to your room and the local donkey who can be seen walking around on his own during the day. 

What to do


I say that because a lot of people visit Todra Gorge to stop at the beginning. Get out of there vehicle. Take a photo. Then drive off to Merzouga. 

In my opinion, that’s pointless. It’s like landing in a country for a stopover between flights and saying you’ve travelled the country.

To really appreciate Todra Gorge I recommend you hike along the trails to the stunning viewpoints. 

I know not everyone might be interested in a 4-5 hour hike or have the physical fitness levels to do so. 

Therefore, I recommend even walking to the end part of the ‘touristy section’ of the gorge and start to climb the steps on your left-hand side. 

You’ll soon realise that you already have a stunning view after just 10 minutes of walking and not another person in sight. 

Zero tourists.

No locals trying to sell you things.

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No locals asking if you want to ride there donkey… yeah, that happened.

However, if you do fancy the 4-5 hour hike then you’ve made a great decision. 

You start in the exact same place that I just mentioned. The stairs on the left-hand side at the end of the touristy part of the gorge. 

You’ll know when you’re there because there is a random building in the middle of a gorge. Very disappointing to see.

Once you’ve started climbing the stairs then you’re off. The trail is very easy to follow. It is marked the whole way.

Make sure you download before you go as they are excellent when it comes to hiking trails. Also, if for any reason you do get lost. At least you have a map to help you get back on track.

Whilst there aren’t many things to see along the way, you’ll be treated to incredible views at the top and you’ll more than likely have them all to yourself.

The best way to describe the views is my idea of what mars looks like. You’ll realise what I mean when you do it yourself. You can also check out my travel vlog that shows you exactly what I mean – HIKING A MOUNTAIN IN MOROCCO (todra gorge travel vlog)

During our hike, we saw a combined total of 3 people along the way. 

It really is a little slice of hiking paradise.

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Final Thoughts on todra gorge

Todra Gorge is often overlooked on most peoples itineraries when it comes to travelling Morocco. 

With the attractions of Marrakech, the Sahara Desert and Fez. At first glance, you can’t blame people for overlooking Todra Gorge.

However, if you’re looking for a unique experience and one that a lot of people will be surprised that Morocco offers. Travelling to Todra Gorge might be one of the best decision you make during your time in Morocco.

Congratulations on making it this far… enjoy a free Morocco travel guide as a thank you from me! – “Morocco5” at checkout will give you a free copy 🙂

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